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Great !


One of the finest documentary shots I have seen in recent memory.

The crutches and his turned back say everything that needs to be explained.

David H-W

Superb shot, if harrowing subject matter.

dan [lookcloser]

well done....very intense image. i particularly like the silhouette hidden in the background.


This is very moving.


Absolutely amazing, Sidney. This is simply one of the most powerful images I have ever seen. Wow. The impact is simply breathtaking! So very sad, a very human story.


Sidney, is difficult making comments about your pictures whitout falling in repetitions...all are very emoctional, sometimes positive, some other negative,as this. I think you are doing a great job with this serie! :)

shane j montgomery

these are some very beautiful photos you have going on, and important. way to go.


i like u leave the open space around him...give us to look around the surrounding...great emotional shot:-)


poignant and sad, well captured


To Carlos: I don't think that you are a regular visitor of this blog. (I can be mistaken). In any case I invite you to look at my other categories (you can find them in the left column).
I am really trying to show different aspects of Manila’s street life.
Sometimes my series might seem a bit too long but that is the way I organize my blog.
Yes, I went to the Grand Marian Procession in Intramuros. It was something quite unique. I will post my pictures of this event probably at the end of January. So be sure to visit my blog again!
And you can always suggest topics that you would want to see in my blog.


So very powerful Sidney...


This is very sad.

carlos celdran

Hi sidney. How are ya? This is just a cheap little request (which you can ignore) to show some other sides of Manila's personality. I notice lots and lots of pictures of poor people and monsters and not much else of late. Have you been able to find something pretty around here lately? The grotesque nature of Manila is always an interesting sight but a little balance would be nice because grotesqueness is not all we have to offer. Did you end up going to that Virgin Mary parade in Intramuros?


Cette photo est si triste !!!
Devant cela on se sent si démuni , on a tellement envie d'aider !
Je reviens à vos photos d'enfants précédentes . Que j'aime leurs regards !
This photograph is so sad!!! In front of that one feels if stripped, one wants so much to help! I return to your photographs of preceding children. That I like their glance !!!


very sad and moving image. I guess this is some of the reality we don't see; not all happy smiling faces.


Striking! I would never want to be in the position of having to choose a favorite.


great picture... kawawa naman siya...


great picture... so kawawa naman siya...


aw this is so sad :( plus it's in b& gives more impact to it.


A great snapshot of the hard and tragic life of many people of our world. A great photo.

Ronalyn Barut

Wow.. what an impact this shot gives. Turn his back on the world in which surrounds him.. he almost seems hopeless.. giving up hope.. Wow.. so moving! Great shot.. I like it from a distance this way.. Thanks for sharing!


Wow. Sydney, a very sad image, but I'm glad you posted it.




Wow. A sad and fascinating shot. He's so lost in the rest of the world. The crutches really help, too. (Though that sounds a little mean somehow...)

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